Bah homebug!

Don’t let your home get scrooged this holiday!

Before you decide to cancel all Holiday festivities due to the current economic climate consider these quick and easy steps for improving the season.

The tree...or lack thereof!
We know things can be tight this year. So, if the tree didn’t make the cut, here is a way to use those ornaments that would otherwise occupy each and every limb.

Create a layered arrangement of ornaments using fishing line. (see above image)

The table!
Add pizzazz to your living space by creating a table arrangement. This can be accomplished with minimal expense.

Wrap empty boxes of different sizes with holiday wrapping paper. This will create different height levels in your arrangement. Add accessories such as candles, trees or ornaments to create a full, festive environment. (See above image)

So go home, put on a Pandora Christmas station, dig out the ole’ holiday goods and have a good time. Get creative with what you have and remember to have will all be over in 25 days.