Let's Go Green!

Freshen up your space with some natural elements!

Nothing says “fresh start” more than a stylish grouping of the season’s best florals. Fresh flowers are not only a beautiful accessory and centerpiece; they’re also interchangeable and infinitely less expensive than any other décor. Designers love flowers because they’re an all natural accessory that not only look gorgeous, but smell amazing, too!

With spring just around the corner, why not swing down to your local farmers market and pick up a big bouquet of darling peonies or statuesque amaryllis? It doesn’t need to be fancy, as the flowers do most of the work for you. A modern ceramic or glass vase will juxtapose nicely with the natural colors and textures of a tasteful arrangement. Or for a quick splash of color, pop a single bud in a teacup or drinking glass.

If flowers aren’t your thing, you can easily create a DIY terrarium out of a stylish glass bowl or jar. Simply add some gravel and soil, a tiny succulent, place on mantel, and enjoy!